Thursday, February 04, 2010

Results Since New Year

My online personal coach, Julia, asked me whether I had any results by now so I decided to put that in a blog entry by itself.

Since New Year
* Weight down
* Increased general muscular strength
* Less back pain
* Arm much stronger
* Able to do more cardio and at higher intensity
* Able to do more kinds of exercises, more sets and more weight each set
* Increased flexibility
* Into a habit of going straight from work to the gym or out walking.
* Into a habit of eating very healthy, lean, non processed food, lots of vegs and fish, whole grain carbs,
* very little salt
* very little artificial drinks mostly water with only a touch of nearly non kcal lemonade to camuflage the tiny clorine taste of all tap water. Also fruity teas. NO coffee. Always a literbottle close at hand.