Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another aceo inspired by the Super Bowl. Tomorrow I'll be back with the romantic ones building up to the Valentine's Day

Pink Bird - Superbowl - Cheerleading II ACEO
$12 p&p is FREE

Very cold day again here - When will it end????????? I am so sick and tired of winter. I have been kind of achy and a bit ferverish today but hopefully it is not early signs of a cold approaching. many have been ill at work lately. Have spent most of tonight under a duvet on the sofa half sleeping.

My problem arm has been bothering me a bit too the last two days so not a very happy person today.

At the moment I am crossing my fingers that I will wake up revitalized tomorrow. The plan now while I watch Frustrated Housewives is for an early night. Hopefully tomorrow I will report a fantastic workout :-)