Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today I started my day by dpoing a 3 hour workout at the gym - yes I know it sounds excessive, but when you need about 400 hours of cardio over the next year to get in shape and get rid of excess weight every 5 minutes extra on the treadmill counts.

Most of the rest of today was spent helping out on the work on the house, borrowing a hanger and taking two trips with rotten or bad wooden materials from my house. I am still struggling to get a skilled roof person so keep those fingers crossed and also that the roof itself beneath the roof stones are healthy and sound.

Tomorrow i hope to find more time to work on chinese brush painting. I am totally faschinated by how even very small variations in how the brances are done have meaning or names.

This painting I first did this weekend outside in acryllics but unfortunately the acrylic reds dimmed too much for my liking when they dried so I used the acrylics as an underpainting and finished it in oils. It was inspired by one of my roses who suddenly hasd lots and lots and lots of bright red roses.

Fireworks of Roses

oil on acrylics underpainting, on gallery wrapped canvas painted on the sides and ready to hang 40c40x1.6cm
$110 p%p worldwide included


Diane said...

Have you tryed varnishing the acrylic paint? I find that it really brings the colours to life!
Love the picture though!