Sunday, June 03, 2007

Today out in the sun I brought out a table and ink and lots of stuff and sat there enjoying the sun and practiced painting plum blossoms in Chinese brush painting. . These are painted on quality watercolour paper because that is suitable for cards due to its thickness. I also painted on Shuen paper and I will probably show you the results tomorrow. I really hope you enjoy being with me on this journey where I learn new things and explore and each new thing helps me create and develope further my own style. Friday I got a big parcel from OAS oriental artist supplies which has very high quality materials and books about this technique. If only I had more time. . . well it is only 3 weeks now until the summer holidays. :-). And the coming week the weather forcast here is summer temperatures and sun. I will enjoy it as much I can. Got a bit of tan mowing the lawn and painting in the sun today. See you tomorrow for more of my work.

ACEO ATC 07-06-02 Plum Blossom close up Dien mei style

ACEO ATC 07-06-03 Plum blossoms Dien mei style

ACEO ATC 07-06-06 Plum blossoms chuen mei style