Thursday, June 14, 2007

ACEO ATC june 2007 SOLD to USA

no 8

no 9
10 Mouth of the Cave
11 Fantasy


Diana Moses Botkin said...

I really like what you've been painting, Trine! The encaustics are lovely.

Trine said...

Today the last three of these were sold. If they had not I would have got them mounted and framed. I think in the right mount they will look stunning.

blh said...

I had never even heard of encaustic art before this artist introduced me to them in her DP gallery. They aroused my curiosity, so I researched them and I found out that they are extremely difficult to create!

Ironically, when I first saw encaustic art, I was not impressed by the photographs of the paintings. However, I decided to order one or two of them to see what they were like in real life. When they arrived, I fell in love with them to the point that I am now collecting both sizes of them!

In my opinion, encaustic art is an unbelievably unique, difficult, very rare, and extraordinarily beautiful medium for works of art!