Sunday, June 10, 2007

Today I ordered framing materials and I will try to frame this one and " Waiting in the shadows" similarly for the exhibiiton next weekend. Today I got totally stressed out after having made a list of everything that must be done this and next week. No time for anything to go wrong or being tired or unwell. To get through it I push myself a bit too hard these days but I try to do everything one step at a time and one thing or one task or hour or even half o\hour at a time to make it feel manageable.

Well, that is how june has been for the last 4 years - totally crazy, but fairly normal for teachers. I hope you like my work in blacks mostly. They are among my favourites. I have been working on a third one this week but it is still not finished. This far it is interesting and i only hope I will be equally lucky when continuing to work on it. Unfortunately I can end up ruining with overwork so this one I will be very careful with to try to get it as I want it.

Nightlife, acrylics on acrylics paper, mounted and will be framed this week
unframed, approx 25x30cm, $100 shipped worldwide


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and mystical. I loved it, it's quite a different view of the "still of the night" and its life.