Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This is how "nightlife" ended up looking varnished and double mounted and framed.

I am totally drained after having worked with chosing mounts (passe partout we call it here) and frames and deciding the exact crop to do and exactly how much and what to have inside the mounts for work I want to exhibit this weekend. This year there will be more people showing paintings meaning that each get only half the wall space so I really want each work to look right and all together show a variety that might tempt viewers to visit this blog to see my other works.
Tomorrow will be an interesting day with me trying to make my first two frames by myself. You'd better keep your fingers crossed for me. But first I will spend the day calming nervous teenagers because tomorrow all the 10th graders have oral exams and since I teach mostly 9th this year I am on calming duty.
I also need to give you some good news. Yesterday I did not post a painting because I had been to a thourough examination of my eyes and they had put stuff into my eyes. the good news is that my eyes can be done lazersurgery on and I have an appointment for next Thursday. That too will probably be a non painting day hehe. I am very much looking forward to being able to play ball games or exercise without needing glasses. Jippiii.