Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My eye is very tired today so I have spent most of today doing physical work and working out.
Recently a gym opened locally and many like me have been waiting for this to happen for decades. Today I worked out for 2.5 hours and I do wonder about how stiff I will be tomorrow. I spent most time doing cardio at heart rate 140-150 so hopefully my heart is very happy with me.
I also worked tindy8ing up a store room in the basement - amazing how much old paint and cardboard boxes a person can gather. Tomorrow we'll need a car hanger to get it all driven to the local garbage reception. I simply had to do it because we have started major rehabilitation of my house - and will need to find things easily in that store room. Unfortunately there is a bit of fungus and rot here and there and horror of horrors I might have to change the roof this year. Problem is that it is near impossible to get carpenters because of a building boom these days . Cross your fingers for me. And the costs for a single mum with no family to help besides my son . . . . I do not say more.
LOL hopefully the interview I did will bring lots of customers to my site.
Price for this one is by the way $110 p&p worldwide inluded. It is painted onb the sides and ready to hang.