Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today I nearly freaked out. The first part of today was OK - or rather more than OK - all our tenth graders had oral exams today and the school average was nice, meaning the local government hopefully will think that we have great teachers LOL.

After that I started working on making the frames for "Waiting in the shadows" and " textile industry". The first part, cutting was easier but more time consuming to get exactly right than I had imagined. Then I started to try to glue and stich it together SIGH! Let me just say that one is still undone and the other has hopefully dried until tomorrow but I do not think it will be strong enough. Well - you win some and you lose some. I will try to make an emergecy solution tomorrow. After aboard meeting in the local teachers union, I worked on the frames again.

The rest of today I have spent framing and getting ready for the exhibition. It is amazing how much time it all takes.

mixed media, acrylics with coloured beeswax
$100 p%p included worldwide