Friday, June 08, 2007

Today when I got home from work the sun was wodnerful and I just had to spend as much time outdoor as I possibly could, and since I am part of the challenge daily painter I also needed to find time today for that.

Sitting outside having a break after work, reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali's novel " My Life, my freedom" ,which I by the way hightly recommend, I noticed that the first irises and yellow day lillies had started to bloom. naturally I went off and got my camera and took lots and lots of reference photos.


While I went around with the camera one of my cats started to follow me around "jentepus" meaning girlykitty or similar.


I then quickly got some acrylics paint, my waxy tablecloth to protect the table and just started.


While this happened my cat relaxed in the grass and watched me, probably wondering what I was doing.


And this is the result on a 18x24cm canvas panel board.

$100 p%p worldwide included


And now I better get back to grading end of term papers in Norwegian. Summerhug from Trine enjoying every scrap of sun she can get as you have seen