Monday, June 25, 2007

First day of the holidays and you really should think I spent it relaxing but NO I stressed around as usual. Sorting through clothes and doing hourse chores in the morning. Getting higher resulutions photograps of my work for an interview took quite some time too. Then my son wanted to practice drive to Skien where he also had a dentist appointment. On our way we rushed into my daughter's new flat to get higher resulution photos of the two paintings hanging there. While I waited for him to be finished I treated myself to a " best in test" training bra/top. LOL not often a mum treats herself. My son then had some ideas about us doing homemade peach wine this summer so we had to get the proper materials. I have not made wine since I was very young myself so my contribution was only to deliver the visa card hehe. My son on the other hand has aquired recent experience together with his flatmates. With car filled up with bottles and corks and the rest we drove home. he really has become quite a good driver so I am sure he will pass the test after only the obligatory lessons which is very very good since those are terribly expensive.

This evening I have attended the newly opened gym and LOL I am sure made the trainer wonder and think I will not be as active as I said my goal was. I'LL SHOW HIM :-))) he probably though I was the typical start very high and drop out after 2 weeks. Well I paid for 13 months and I plan to get lots of value out of it.

After that and half an hour resting my eyes in a dark room,. I framed the watercolour you see here in a black mounts and black frame.

This is put in a 20x25cm frame but the part showing through the mount is 5x7in exactly.
This is how the painting was meant to look. To get both the blue background and the birds without them bleeding into each other I had to do the background wash the day before and the birds after it was dry. I kind of liked the result because each bird got a personality and you cna kind of read relationships between them and make up a story about them.
The style is the spontanious style in chines brush painting. Since I am a beginner this one is inspired by an instruction by Pauline Cherrett.
Price: $60 p&p worldwide included. Whether to risk sending it framed will be discussed with the potential buyer.