Sunday, January 13, 2013

In Norway we say that the colour of hope is light green. Hoping is often done together with praying both by the faithful and many who are not, Please help me, we think or pray, sometimes not sure to who or what we address our request. This combined action makes us believe that we increase the chances of success and if we are very unsure of the outcome we convince ourselves that if we do not get what we hope for that too is felt kind of like an answer. Maybe just the thought of someone there to support, the thought of a friendly being, an imagined emphatic being comforts us. At least I think so, because why else do even many of those of us that do not believe in God, kind of pray, to something kind of in our image?
13.1.2013 A kind of prayer - acrylics on paper 32x41cm $140 Free shipping worldwide