Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Resently I have read some fantastic short stories focusing on different sosial challenges of life told in a wonderful down to earth manner which really touches the heartstrings of the reader. I very much hope this writer will be published in the future so that many will be able to enjoy the stories like I do.

I do admire people that do extraordinary things like mountain climbing or winning big championships, especially people that do these things despite disabilities or other major disadvantages.

BUT deep down I admire MORE, MUCH MORE many of the people you never see in any headlines, most who will never become famous or well known. People who sometimes struggle day by day getting up from bed after unsatisfactory sleep. People who day after day take care of others, who day after day encourages others, those that never will be thanked in any Oscar shows or Olympic games interviews. I also deeply admire all that struggle with social, emotional or mental challenges and still day by day, hour by hour keep fighting for a better life for themselves and their families. They are heroes.

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