Thursday, January 10, 2013

Everybody have heard about and knows that in schools we struggle with some students' behaviours, especially antisocial, disruptive or aggressive behaviour. This has got a lot of attention and numerous programs all over the world have been started which is a very good thing because usually these behaviours are ways of externalizing pain or screams for help.

In today's painting I wanted to focus on the totally opposite group - those that internalize their pain but who do not get as much help simply because they are not a big daily problem for the teachers, their costudents or the system. They just fade into the walls and become nearly invisible. These often becomes the forgotten sufferers - their abuse stories never discovered, their mental health too often deterioring way too much before anyone sees them. Or if we notice something being off, we have a tendency to postpone doing something simply because in today's overcrowded classrooms the acute and loud demands occupy us and we find ourselves having spent yet another day postponing finding time for these students. I am so happy for all social teachers and school nurses that help us also take care of these students.

10.1.2013 I am here - somewhere - acrylics on paper 24x32cm $120 Free shipping worldwide