Sunday, January 06, 2013

Today I read about HSP Highly sensitive people after reading a link on facebook. For attributes and characteristics see . What I found interesting was to think about different ways people handle being sensitive. The questions asked in the Norwegian test are alot about how much all kinds of things including other people's mood influence them. As a philosopher my thoughts of course went in all directions. How will a hsp act in various situations? What will he or she be willing to do to avoid the stress of other people is bad moods? How do they handle competitions? I think they might let the other person win or at least hope that the other person wins if the other person is a very competitive  person that hates losing. I also imagined that a HSP person in general tries to think things through and chose the safe option. Therefore today I imagined a game of Noughts and Crosses and how playing it safe would look visually. Of course then it is no longer a game LOL but then again a HSP probably is not a game's kind of person.

6.1.2013 Safe actions - acrylics on paper A4 $100 Free shipping worldwide