Friday, January 04, 2013

These days I like many others start afresh trying to improve my physical health. It is a major challenge because of course there is getting past the first couple of weeks untill condition improves enough for exercise to be less unconfortable and the stiffness to be less pronounced after strength training. In addition to this normal start again challenges some of us has a couple of additional ones. Various physical problems like for example joint problems like the artritis in my knees means that any beneficial movement is very good for the long term artritis prognosis because it strengthen supportive muscles in addition to the general benefit. BUT also any new or extra movement can trigger both short term and long term worstening of the pains and the general situation in the knees. Finding a balance between those to is hard. That is where I am at the moment. In short terrified but at the same time dedicated to increasing fitness and flexibility. Follow me on my journey.
4.1.2013 First Movements - acrylis on paper A4 $100 Free postage