Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I just love breaking new boundries when it comes to things I can do. To most people they are probably tiny but to me their are significant. This year I have been able to cut my own hair and I love that because when I want it cut I want it done right then LOL.

Yesterday my daughter came home and she has been working on her philosphy home exam all day. On a spur of the moment she asked me to get her an appointment for stripes and a hair cut. The hairdresser did not have a time available that suited her and in the end we ended up with me doing the highlights as well as the cutting of the hair. Best of all the result turned out OK too.
To me that is a major victory. Of course I cut uneven horrible fringes on my poor kids when they were small but this was good. Since we had some leftover colour we did a couple of very light highlight on me too. hehehe.

Well, since this had been a hair day my choice for today naturally is a hippie.

acrylics on paper
p&p worldwide is FRE


Lori McNamara said...

Nice painting, I like the action. Good for you with the hair cutting!