Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sad to say we have such preconceived opinions on how a doctor looks and a president and a criminal etc etc. Hopefully this president election will have a lasting effect in broading our imagery of how the person with huge powers looks- the face of democracy. I am also very happy to know that Israel has the second women in the top chair.

There are certain research that conclude with the unfortunate fact that you have a much better chance if you are slim and pretty. Add to that fact that being white and male also in many situations seems to be what will give the best chances, then most of the world's population are at a disadvantage and will need to work harder and often fight prejudice. We need these examples to show the young of the world.

This issue about people's look mattering sometimes too much is what inspired this semiabstract. I showed it to an artist friend and her hubby without telling the title and their initial reaction was that this was not a person they would like to meet in a dark street. Which goes to show that we do judge this individual as a potential threat just by the look of his face.

Intimidating, Our Image of a Criminal,
also part of the Made Just For Fun-series
acrylics on paper

If not sold within the first couple of weeks, this will be double mounted and framed and displayed at my next auction.