Thursday, September 18, 2008

acrylics on paper '
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Edward B. Gordon said...

very good gesture study, spot on !

Linda McCoy said...

Wow, Trine, with just a few brush strokes you have managed to capture the sadness of defeat. Bravo!

Trine said...

Thank you very much

I am fascinated by gesture because it so well captures movement or bodily posture. Rough charcoal sketches has some of the same quality of capturing a moment and I often prefer them to the paintings they were sketches for, like Daniel Peci's nudes which I have collected a few of. Chinese brush painting/sumie uses simplefied brushstrokes and each stroke can not be mended or adjusted. Cartoons and comics capture expressions and bodypostures to tell a story.

All these styles has something in common with the great expressionistic artists like Munch and that is that they are strongly EXPRESSIVE and represent life and emotions and that they are rough. That expressiveness is what I strive for in my work, sometimes even abstracted to nearly look like the Rorschach ink tests or simplefied to more resemble sketches or in this example a gesture drawing.

Again, thank you so much - I really appreciate your comments. It is so nice that I got a comment from one women and one man at nearly the same time meaning that my painting's expression works universally.

have a lovely weekend