Monday, September 15, 2008

Although the subject matter is a verys erious one that I care very much about, the painting style itself was one of playing with the materials and the medium.

Even though things has changed for women dramatically over the last 50 years, still most women in the world are in big trouble if they should happen to be unfortunate to become married to a man who uses his fits on his wife.

Only yesterday I talked to a ladyfriend of mine who is married to a nice man about women's situations around the world and through history. One of the topics was stay at home mums or wives. They lose pension points for one things and only this summer I talked to a young mum who told me that still she got the "only at home" comment. That mum was in her early thirties when she started having her children and her husband and she had decided that she should not work for some years because they valued the time together with their small children that much.

One ladyfriend who recently formally became a pensioner told me the same as my mother-in-law did - how lovely it was to get that money in every month with their own names on, no matter how nice husbands they had.

I had a lovely thing happen in one of my last English classes. We were talking about when to use prensent tens -s/-es and dis some exercises. They were to explain WHY they chose so or so. In one of the examples we had a subject with some kind of leadingjob and the boy explaining naturally explained that the verb had to have the -s because that subject could be exchanged for he or she. Ten years a got that subject would have been explained by it could have been a he. Things are going in the right direction.

Still though, equality has a problem when it comes to physical strength and tendency for violence.

Trapped by the Fisted Ring
- from the Made Just For Fun-series,
acrylics on paper

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