Saturday, June 28, 2008

This whole week I have tidied up and sorted through stuff that has been just stacked during the last busy months. LOL Today I sorted through a drawer with cards and telephonnumbers and papers gathered over the last 10 years. Long overdue. Hehe lovely when it is done.

I always end up doing this the first week of the holidays. I seem to be too wired up right after a work year and it takes time before I "land".

Today I have landed a bit. I have had one full night's sleep for the first time in a long time and that was lovely. Today I also rested out in the sun on a lounger with a book :-))) of course in between mowing a part of the lawn and such hehehe.

I hope you like today's painting. Feel free to interprete it however you please. At the moment it is a man's inner life - his thoughs or dreams - whether he looks to the future or to the past I do not know. The part I enjoyed doing the most was the superhero-kind of role.

Many Thought in His Mind About His Dreams and Roles in Life,
acrylics on canvas panel
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