Thursday, June 05, 2008

Today at 9 a.m. my students got to know what subject they ended up being tested in in the oral exam on Friday. So today my duty at work as a teacher was to be available to the half of mt 10B class which cam up in Norwegian.

I brought another 4 chinese praying mantises to work and they got 4 new happy new owners.

Arriving home, an incredibly hardworking 9 year old nabour kid wanted a job helping me with the lawn etc in my garden and I was very happy to accept. He and his brother is saving for a nintendo game. hehe Working with him I realized how much I miss the time when my kids were small and we worked together. I was very nostalgic.

Then after watching the season stop of Army Wives I have worked on getting the exam assignments written down.

In short, my life is still so busy that I regularly wonder how to get to the end of the tasks. I will however as always manage just by taking one day at a time and one chore at a time this time of year.

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