Thursday, June 12, 2008

Romantic Walk in The Mountains,
encaustic art
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Yesterday my daughter arrived with her "new" car". It was nice to see her since we both have been very busy lately.

Tomorrow I am off to a nearby communicy to be the "sensor" for their English oral exams. That is what I have spent tonight preparing for.

At work the graduating classes delivered the rest of their books and tidied up their classrooms for the new 8th graders that will occupy them in autumn.

LOL The worst job for them was to remove the dried up cucumber slices that they have put up on the ceiling.

During a project in the 0th grade today I took lots and lots of photos and was able to capture all kinds of insects in one of the roses outside school. It is amazing how many species there were.

When you work in art you begin to look at all kinds of things more closely and now using the camera for macro photos that too makes me mroe aware of the small things in nature around me. THAT is what I want to have in my life - an awareness of nature and the present more than always stressing forward. I really hope to find some time soon to show more of those photos online. Some of them are quite good and might be included in my presentation on the exhibition on the 20-21th of June.