Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The weather in Southern Norway has been more like high summer than spring these last couple of weeks. Everything is so dry and hot. And we also have a watering prohibit untill July the 1st due to some problems at the water plant. It is horrible to say this but I do long for a day or two of rain to cool everything down a bit. Many of the farmers in the South worry a bit too. The forecast is hot in the days to come too and the warn about danger for forest fires daily. I bet when the rain comes it will last for weeks and weeks LOL and then we will complain about that. It is a bit hard though for the poor students too stay focuse on their exam praparations in this heat though. Well, now it is only about 9 hours and each will get to know what subject each will have for their oral examination.

Today I brought 3 Chinese praying mantis to work and gave away. Several more wanted so I will try to bring a couple more tomorrow.

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