Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A few days ago on June the 6th we walked up to The top Kjelleren (the Basement) by Øyvann.
As with many of the Top Ten routes, this one too started with a country road leading towards an area with lots of holiday cottages.

Fortunately, because I do not much want to walk along roads, we left it and went into uneven terrain. Here is the sign towards "Øyvann" (island lake).

Pretty soon we came a bit higher and could look down on some of the farms in the area. It was easy to see because this part of the route was an area where all the timper had been chopped down recently.

But bit by bit we came into more unchanged forest with a nice path and at regular intervals stones lay there as ornaments.

We passed several swamps and small lakes.

About halfway on our way we came into these big rocks called "Kvilesteinane" (The resting rocks) which were a perfect place to strech the legs and drink some water before trudging on.

As most of our routes this one too was marked by blue ribbons.

The last part was a bit more open and uphill.

Then finally we saw the sign for "Kjellaren" The top we were aiming for.

And now we had more of a view.

As you probably know by now, I take lots of photos.

On tops there are something called a "varde" a cairn in English/Scottish

And as always we sign the book in the mailbox to prove that we did indeed do the trip.

On the way down I had time to enjoy some of the wonderful shapes trees tend to grow into on high grounds due to the challenge of altitude, nourishment and winds.