Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tjuvåsen 196 moh

Today I was off with new hiking buddy. That is so nice because then I have an extra option for companionship when I get the urge to conquer another path or another mountain top. Today's top was not that high but still a nice one with a nice view. The trip all in all took 2 hours.

Along the route I keep letting my eyes feast on shapes and patterns in nature on a smaller scale in addition to the mroe spectacular things like boulders and views. Here a kind of mushroom on a tree stump.

Today we decided to hike towards the top outside of the marked paths. That gave us quite a bit of extra exercise.
So in the end we were happy to find the red and blue ribbons and markings for the last leg.

Nearly getting up and as usual I feel better the higher I get.

This tree sculpture made by nature is one of the landmarks saying we are getting near the top.

And here is the mailbox at the top welcoming us. So the ritual can be done - first writing the signatures in the book and then taking photos of me on the top. hehehe.

We had a nice view in most directions from the top and enjoyed looking at nearby tops and discussing which would be hard and which easy to conquer.

Then it was time to go down again.

The last leg went across a lovely blooming swamp by a lake