Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Today we took another quite challenging top, Bjønnerknatten, which probably couple be translated into something like The Bear Top. This was partly extra challenging because I was so active yesterday, also the terrain was quite tough. the weather there was a bit too warm and still standing which makes it harder to breath due to too much particles for asthmatics like us in the air.

Yesterday while doing interval training my longest jog was ca 700 m on rugged uneven terrain which I am very happy about. Each week I am able to push myself one step further even though I still carry all those extra kilos still. I just decided to do what I see many do here - shift my focus away from the scale. When my body is ready I am sure it will drop the net weight too without me losing lean mass. Me, getting this much stronger must have exchanged some fat for muscles LOL at least that is what I comfort myself with on days when I get a bit annoyed about the scale being so stubborn