Friday, June 11, 2010

Today we had had quite a bit of rain and it continued so the Top Ten routes which can become very slick was out of the question. We started out wanting to go to a place called Himmelriket but changed our minds because the mist and rain would have covered what would be nice landscape and views there. Instead we checked out a road that is supposed to lead into several nice fishing waters, Søvassmarka. This ended up being a boring wet trip which frankly gave us little joy.

Therefore we added a quick trip up to Oddeknatten once more. The rain was less by then and out outer garments very wet so we decided just to leave the rain clothes in the car and just get more wet wearing normal clothes. This trip really lifted or spirits, LOL I think we are getting hooked on having some inclines and getting to places with a view.
The mountain at the back of this range we think is Aksla which we hiked up to yesterday
This mountain nearly covered in mist is Viksheia the first high Top we visited.
And we do need to remember to enjoy the smaller visual joys as well.

The last stretch returning to the car we run.