Friday, April 02, 2010

Being here has lots of ups but also one down. For some strange reason my visa card won't work in Barcelona and stupid me even considered taking with me an extra card but decided not to in the end. The big problem is that it is holy week here in Spain so open banks is not an option to sort this out before Tuesday unless I can find one open for a bit tomorrow morning. I started my day with 16 euro, I now have 15. No going out for food that is for sure. I managed today on the food I bought yesterday on the market and with water from fountains. Tomorrow I will have to buy some stuff.

Fortunately all activities today was free and I had the 5 days card for the metro and buses.
Today I went to see an Easter prosesion and also the works of Gaudi. Here are two of his mst famous buildings, Casa Mila or La Pedrere and Casa Batillo. Casa meaning house in Spanish.

Going inside the houses costs quite a bit and the queues were very long (1/2 -1 hour waiting) so that comforted me since I did not dare spend any money in case I could not figure out the problem with my card. I plan on posting more about Gaudi and especially the Guell Park where I spent many hours today. For now you will have to make do with a couple of tempting pictures.
Later in the day I went in search of the big Easter prosesion but did not find it and also in search of an open bank someone suggested would be in the train station. No luck there either but a nice suny walk in the Arc the Triump area comforted me quite a bit.