Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Before I left last night I had a bit of a wait before my taxi arrived at 3.0 a.m. Fortunately I met a couple of nice young Norwegian men arriving back at the hostel after a night of celebratin Barca's 4-1 victory over Arsenal. We started to chat and talked about their work at a part of the Norwegian Space program and how that program has some educational programs for teachers.

Age and other differences does not matter much when people meet and discuss common interests or experiences like the Sangrada Familia which had impressed those men totally.

New Friendship Despite Differences,
size A4

This painting was double mounted and framed (was in exhibition) and as such difficult and expensive to post internationally. Contact me if you are still interested for price and possible dismantling

Arriving home was not very joyous, The travelling itself took a bit more than 10 hours so I was tired and meeting a grey grey day with way too much snow and ice still left was not very uplifting. Luckily the coming weekend is supposed to be nice.


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