Thursday, April 01, 2010

Today I got this lovely email from a 12 year old girl

Hello Trine!!!
My name is ***. I am a 12 year old girl birds). So at school we are reserching who is in love with your art (the pinka cool artist. And obviously i picked you! We are also writing an Inquiery question (hope you know what that is).So my question to you is ...... Why might you use the struggles of your every day life to influense your paintings?
I hope you could have a detailed answer back to me as soon as possible. :)
Love the art!!! Keep it up.

Of course I will send her a detailed answer but I thought I would post an aceo that illustrates the answer. This particular one was made one day when I was thinking about how hard it was to mend things when things get broken between persons. That is a common subject in how I work. I take an emotional things and makes it abstract or in this case turning it into a concrete situation. The story under it is however that things like trust for example is like an egg - very easily broken and very difficult to mend and there will always be cracks. I hope that helps this girl as well as others who might have the same question.

Pink Bird - Repairing is Hard ACEO
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