Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today I have been doing something very necessary but which I tend to postpone and postpone and postpone. I have been sorting through papers and receipts and all kinds of reference materials in short all the papery mess that seem to grow exponentially if you do not keep it down regularly. I am a bit proud of myself because I have even defrosted the freezer. hehehe

Tomorrow I plan on doing a much needed sorting and tidying in the basement. There are boxes and bags and similar all over the place with art or art materials. I really need to get a better system.

The weather is still grey grey grey but I went for a walk nevertheless. Well done me. Been very good with diet too.

Dreams of Spring,
encaustic art
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On a Whimsey said...

Love your encaustics! This one in particular. It has so much movement in it that it does remind me of the sea crashing on the shoreline rocks!

That is the beauty of encaustics that it allows the free flow of imagination.

Roxanne Steed said...

yes - this is indeed beautiful - it evokes thought of scuba diving in the Caribbean, warm & inviting, free & floating.....