Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recently I have studied the situation for women in India. These days there are lots of demonstrations going on to try to do something about how especialle vulnerable women are treated. These include; poor, single, dadit (low cast/castless), divorced or widowed women. I have today chosen to focus on the widows.

Religious texts are used to give alibi to treating widows horrible. Even though the burning of widows has ended, in many areas and situations they are still considered only a financial burden. They are shunned because they are imagined to be bringers of bad luck. In contrast to Western tradition''s use of black for mourning, Indian widows wear white saries.

In interviews, they speak of becoming invisible, someone whom the society not wants to be seen, nearly a ghost because they are not supposed by tradition to have a life after the husbands death. Many end up as beggars. Their situation has inspired today's painting.

Widow in White, watercolour on paper 20x29cm $100 Free s/h worldwide.