Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes I am so tired of be so tired of being tired. I will take an early night I think. Today's posted painting has tons of meaning to me on many levels - due to it being abstract it might not have for you, but then again you might see things I did not see myself. Feel free as always to interprete it as you like and also to find no meaning at all. Art is a personal meeting and that can never fully be predicted.

At work today in my capacity as the school councel's teacher aide (or whatever the term is in different Engslish speaking countries) I have been responsible for this years football (soccer) tournament, All classes send one team of girls and one team of boys, then there are the penalty kicks, the semifinals and finals. All went well even though at one point this morning it looked quite bad because so many of the teachers that had voluntered as referees suddenly could not do it since we had had to change the day from this Friday till today. Fortunately as usual things worked out. Tomorrow I will have to get some flowers for those teachers, I think.
OM Me,
acrylics on watercolour paper