Friday, November 27, 2009

Nissetog and bookstand

Today they had a "nisse" parade (small children dressed up in red santa hats) in connection with the lightning of the Christmas tree in front of the Community Hall with the school band playing Christmas carols etc etc.

In connection with this there were a few stands selling some crafts and home made delicacies. Also me with a table with some of my books on it. It was quite nice even though sales were not that good. For me the biggest challenge is to come out and dare to admit I made those books. That probably sounds strange but so much of me is inside those covers that I feel kind of volnerable. I promised myself that I would get out there and show myself and my books in connection with several occations. Today was one of them.

As I now retire for the night, my biggest wish is for the muse to come visiting tomorrow and allowing me to see some interesting developements in my art or giving me the stamina to practice drawing systematically. The last days I have worn myself out with all the extra end of term work that being a teacher entails.