Thursday, November 19, 2009

At work things are very busy these days with the end of term tests starting on Monday and we are all running around harassing the poor students to make them as prepared as possible. Tonight I have put the finishing touches on the 9th graders tests for Norwegian. We are trying out a new way of doing it more in line with the new curriculums and evaluation demands. It will be exiting to see whether this works better than the traditional ones.

In between the test days my co class teacher and I thought we would have a nice day in between so next Thursday, weather permitting, we will have a day out with sausage grilling and games. Our 9th grade team tries to find a way to get outdoors once a month but we do not always succeed. This is due to too many children and teenagers spending too much time in front og the tv and computer games and thus getting too little physical activity and schools trying to even that out a tad.

Bird Frying Sausage,
ink drawing
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