Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coast up North IV,
acrylics on canvas panel
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Jack Buther Yeats is one of the painters whose work I had an opportunity to watch live while visiting Dublin and Sligo in Ireland this summer. He like me, worked in several mediums and styles, illlustraitons and cartooons, landscapes and figures and also much of his work was symbolic and expressionistic.
One of the interesting things which made his oils very distinctive was that his canvas seemed to be unprimed and also was left uncovered by paint several places quite like how a watercolourist does. One possible reason for this can be that he used watercolours much longer than oils and that was what he started using. Seeing his work and finding out more about this artist was a help for me because I have been struggling quite much with feelings that I should work in a manner of the majority and using techniques thought of as neccessary for artistic quality by so many.
Seeing one of Europe's most valued artists breaking some of those "rules" allowed me to allow myself to dare to work as I want and not as I feel I should. This is very good for me because I nearly gave up painting this summer.