Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today's painting is made by me enjoying fooling around with paint making whimsical animals. As a teacher one of my most important tasks is to encourage and support. This is one of the things we tried to show the parents at tonight's Parentsmeeting.
My whimsical bird of course then had to have its beak up.
Beak Up,
watercolours and ink on paper

This morning I had to teach arts as a substitute teacher. They were supposed to make and decorate a simple folder in A3 size to put drawings and paintings in later this year. This (see below) is the cover of the one I made demonstrating for the students. Several started just scribbling so I decided to show them that playing around a bit with a wet towel dipped in watercolours and an ink pen not caring about making each part realistic also could make interesting and expressive images.

Cover side of folder for drawings - "Fill me up"
watercolours on paper A3

While in Ireland I visited IMMA The Irish Museum of Modern art where among other displays The American artist Terrt Winters had lots of his works displayed. inspired me because he seemed so free from most conventions and seemed from his work just to be following his muse and experimenting with whatever topic or style he wanted. Most of what I saw was his experimenting with shapes and curves. One of his big acrylics where he had been playing with the shapes of eyes had those kind of lumps that paint cans get at the edges where it dries. He had not removed those while painting and also his charcoal/graphite drawings had the fingerprints not removed.
In short he seemd to have been exploring and not making excuses and tidying up. I too often torment myself with my feelings that things should be neat and tidy so I do need to see examples of known artists that dare to just express what they want to express and not bothering to make everything right or tidy.