Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today's painting is inspired by my walks along the beach at Whiting Bay, Arran Island, Scotland this July. It is not Whiting Bay as such but more my emotion when remembering it. My feeling of meditation watching it walking or from a bench.

One Friday evening sitting at Bar Eden, Whiting Bay, looking out at the beach through the window while waiting for my scallops I wrote this in my travel journal.

I'm sitting her, waiting for my scallops, looking out of the window at the most beautiful weather. A wonderful treat after all the rain most days. A white sailboat drifts slowly past a bit further out on the very quiet ocean. A large gullslowly floats up and down in the water in the gentle waves. The beach is quite bare and long. A few rocks and some seaweeds are decoratively spread around. Gorgeous round stones shaped by the ocean in all sizes, colours and patterns lay in heaps around together with shells of so many kinds in abundance.

The sand is slightly redbrown, almost like clay and almost as easy to shape by the look of the amazing sand sculptures evolving as family after family plays with buckets and spades, sand and water on one side of the beach.

The Beach,
acrylics on paper (cold pressed 200g, acrylics paper)
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