Saturday, April 18, 2009

I try very much to live my life to the fullest, meaning that I want to be very much present in the moments. I want to know like today that all in all I have seen 4 bumblebees this year and 3 butterflies (one blue and two yellow).

I want to see spring arriving inch by inch and noticing bird singing and flying from one tree to another. I want to notice the flies and the otehr insects too, even the different spiders.

In short I want to be THERE in the moments. Too much of my life I ran around multitasking so much both practically and inside my head to make things go round for me and my kids that I lost the moments. I'm relearning to do that.

Also it is so true that being an artist is much more the seeing than the doing.
I hope you will enjoy with me the wonders of life I have captured here.
Today I raked away loads of marple leaves and allowed the beginnings of daffodils some air. It then only too hours before this freed snack was hit upon by a roedeer looking for a treat. They very much love daffodils. I do not think these will survive untill they bloom.