Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My plans for today was to spend the evening painting. That did not happen. I ended up grading English tests and working in the garden. My poor poor old apple tree will never be the same. Snow this winter has broken down half of the old branches and in the end I might even have to trim it all down. It is a pity because even though it has not given me many apples the alst years it has never been trimmed so I had hoped to keep it as a climbing tree for granchildren or just as a decoration in the garden because old non trimmed trees are so pretty in all their imperfections. In winter severly trimmed trees looks like amputees and I like better the natural wild look.

I had however 2 hours of being a substitute teacher this morning in wood work of all things and I needed some alternative activity for the ones who were done doing the wooden horse they started last week. I brought with me a stack of how to paint birds-books hoping that could be a starter. I also grabbed some coloured pencils and played around with them hoping that could inspire them to draw something. To conclude very briefly. This is not the subject I am talented in teaching. I am much better at sneaking creativity into other subjects. Anyway, here are the results of me fooling around

Birds - colored pencil sketch