Friday, December 19, 2008

The interview is now done. Had quite lovely 2 hours just now in fact. It was very interesting for me to be forced to try to put into words the hows and whys and whats of my journey.

I have just got the simple report binding done on my "prototype" version of my book project. I am very happy with how it is coming along. The next stage is considering more proper printing options as well as trying out better paper etc. Got some very nice encouragement from the journalist on it too. She thought that I ought to read some aloud on a culture evening while showing the painting on a projector. Not quite ready yet but it was a nice confidence boost.

Things are kind of strange just now. After about 6 weeks of running around, suddenly there is nothing on the must-do-now-list. Very strange indeed. :-)I will enjoy life tonight - get my shoulders down and by doing that hopefully get back to sleeping properly again tonight. LOL I think I tell my body too strongly to keep going in stressful times.

It is time to stop and smell the flowers again - at least metaphorically speaking. Maybe I will even visit the florist tomorrow.

Owl XXVI - Picking Flowers in the Sun,
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