Monday, December 08, 2008

When I was young one toy was very popular. Here in Norway they were called rocking rings because you kind of twisted to get that ring swinging round and round your waist. The big things was to be able to do hold it up for as many twirls as possible or make it go up and down - all without letting it drop to the floor. I though it was a cool visual idea to have today's owl do that with her pearls. If anyone knows the English term for this toy I would love to hear it.

Owl VII Rocking,
ink on paper approx

p&p is FREE

As for the second day of the exhibition, we had a lovely time but most of our visitors deserted us this day too - probably due to a combination of V-cup skiing on tv + handball andit being very cold about 12 (=53F) to15 degrees Celcius below 0 and slippery roads.

Well well, I will get an inerview in the local paper and who knows what that might lead to.