Thursday, October 02, 2008

I have really started the countdown now as the Autumn break is getting closer. Now I only have one more day at work before it starts.

I did not end up travelling and painting in Italy for a week. The class I wanted to join was full. So it is back to plan A which is a combination of physical training and working on my manuscript "one can think about so many things" which sound better in Norwegian LOL. I managed to do around 700 words tonight which I am very happy about. My goal is to write 6 hours per day for 10 days. Only timje will tell if my goal will be reached. Too often the air kind of gous out of the baloon as soon as the body and mind realise that it is a holiday.

I also hope to continue my work on developing my character. I do have a couple of promisisng sketches. Today's painting could be considered one idea.


acrylics on paper



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