Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is a weekend of extreme weather here in Norway. I am lucky to live inland so we do not have the strong storm bother us here much. Bodoe where I come from is hit fairly hard tonight but we're used to it up there.

But anyway it has been a day to stay indoors and write and then write more and listen to the rain hit the roof and watch the wind play with the leaves. The texts will not be posted here simply because they are in Norwegian. Whether I will be able to bring it all together in my book idea I do not know but I did found a good and serious advice service today so maybe I'll splash out on that as a Christmas gift for myself this year. I do need however to work lots more untill New year before it all is ready for the first read through by somebody else.

Pink Partygirls,
watercolours on paper
$12 all income will go to breast cancer organisation