Monday, March 31, 2008

These days there are a lot of books out which discusses whether God exists, can be proved, is a fiction and similar. I am very fascinated by all kinds of religions and philosophies and how we humans use them in our lives.

Also lately probably due to it having been easter, History Channel has had several interesting documentaries lately related to old parts of the Bible.

Just before the weekend a group of my students went down to the library where they have a Quran exhibition these days and came up with lots of leaflets as well as Qurans they had received.

I teach religious studies and enjoy very much to learn more. I am hovewer very scared about any kind of extremists no matter what religious or political or atheist belief they have.

This paintings is meant as to show symbolically how in our hour of need we need to pray - that is often the only thing left to do when we desper.

acrylics on canvas panel

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blh said...

In my opinion this painting is making an excellent visual statement of the old World War II saying that "there are no atheists in foxholes". The artist is pointing out that in times of great stress, great need, great sorrow, etc., we need to have something or someone to turn to for help that is greater than ourselves, just like most of us could turn to our parents when we were children. I have felt this way many times and although I am not religious, prayer has helped me greatly, especially during certain periods of my life. One does not have to have faith, as far as I am concerned, but one does have to have hope. Being able to pray to a Supreme Force, that we at least hope exists, strengthens us and helps us to survive, I believe.