Monday, March 03, 2008

As life moves on, friends, collegues or lovers sometimes moves in different directions or they grow closer.

I am so happy that I am paired up with a lovely lady for my socalled Contact teacher's duties. That is what the class' teachers are called. We have grown closer so we do not have to spend a lot time to be sure we move in the same directions. We know our long term visions for our class are the same.

Part of moving on is also to break free or split up, and being a mum of a son just 19 and a daughter just turned 20 makes that too an issue very much on my mind some day. At the same time, them moving apart into their adult life we might grow closer again but then more as two equals. My daughter is visiting tomorrow evening for a mother-daughter icecream and Desperate housewives night LOL

In just a few months, class 10B will be graduating, standing there in their finery, maybe even in their Bunads and I will give them the diploma and there will be speaches and I will be a bit weepy I think, and very much hope that life will treat each and every one of the well. 3 years is quite some time.

Tomorrow we will start the parent teacher conferences and I am very happy to be able to tell most of both the students and the parents how well each is doing compared to abilities. Preparing for this meeting has been very hectic though and I long for the easter holidays so that I can paint and paint.

Growing Apart or Growing Together,
acrylics on canvas panel

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