Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Finally my arm is good enough for me to feel comfortable painting again. Getting started again is somewhat hard so I'll probably not challenge myself very much with new subjects that much. Well, anyway, that is what I think will happen but LOL my experience on this roller coaster journey of mine into art is that nothing is for sure. Usually I end up doing something else than what I planned. So I have decided to just hang on and enjoy the ride.

Waiting for Spring to Colour the Land
Oil on preprimed artist canvas panel 24x30cm
$100 p&p worldwide

Making this oil painting I wanted most of all to get my hands on brushes and the smell of oil paint and thinner into my nostrils. Both my kinds are away tonight so I won't disturb any of them with the smell. One thing though is very new in this painting. I only very rarely use browns and except for the sky and the water this is all in browns. The reason; here in Norway spring is arriving slowly and the birds are singing and some bushes show sighs of them being ready to burst into green BUT all in all 99 % of the colours are browns and greys on the ground still with a tiny tussilago farfara here and there on the road side. So this is a spring landscape just waiting to burst into greens again. I might go wild on the greens during Easter LOL