Sunday, February 24, 2013

In our modern rich society we have the possibility to decide when we want children and many wait a long time (unlike me), also many chose to have only one or two or as in China are limited to one. This long wait and modern technology means that children are more planned and longed for (or struggled for) than only 50 years ago. This means that we see differences in how people are parents today compared to before.

24 years ago on the dot today, I gave birth to my second child on the 24th of February and of course we all adored him instantly.

On the 24th of December here in Norway we celebrate another boychild's birth. Just this birth and historical comments on this birth story is something I read about just a few days ago in Jonas Gardell's book "Om Jesus" (about Jesus).

Today's painting is connected to all these thoughts.

24.2.2013 The Adoration - watercolor on paper 32x41cm $120 Free SH