Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today is the Thirteenth day of the August challenge

Tribute To a Beautiful Earth
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Today's painting is inspired by a question which is used by many in many different settings, lots of them philosopical and methaphorical.

The use of ink on rice paper as well as the choice of a philosopical theme is is honor of the Olympics in Beijing.

How Tall Does a Tree Grow?
ink on rice paper

p&p worldwide included

Question: How tall does a tree grow?

Answer: As tall as it's environment allows

Solution: Save the environment

There are many wise ways to use this image in connection with self-growth: if we don't feel as if we're growing, one way to kick growth is that we can change our environment, get out of our comfort zones and see what will happen.

"How tall does a tree grow?" "As tall as it can, " answers Jim Rohn.

Another interesting thing about threes that all the "you can be a success-guys" seem to forget is that it knows when to stop and maybe even when to shed it leaves and take a winter's break from growing.

I wish you all a life as the best trees you can be. Trine